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Stay safe and secure around your home by ensuring you have essential measures in place that can give you extra peace of mind. From alarm warning systems to help alert you to potential dangers, to simple mobile phones that can provide great comfort to anyone suffering from dementia, limited vision or limited dexterity. We even have small stools that can aid you day to day and that can help you to avoid unwanted accidents if you are unsteady on your feet.
Wi-Safe2 by FireAngel
Wi-Safe2 by FireAngel
one of the UK's leading suppliers of Smoke Alarms to the Fire & Rescue Services
Aico Ei RadioLINK wire free smoke alarm system
Aico Ei RadioLINK wire free smoke alarm system
wire free radio technology gives ease and speed of installation, especially suited to decorated properties
FireAngel Cold Alarm CDA-9X
The FireAngel Cold Alarm is a useful device that provides an early warning before the room temperature falls to a dangerously...

(£15.00 ex VAT) Part no: 40FWCDA9X
Doro Secure 580 GSM simple mobile phone
a super simple and easy to use with 4 direct dial memory buttons to give peace of mind. Ideal for elderly people and those...

          1 review

£111.58 £137.60
(£92.98 ex VAT) Part no: 40GSMS580
Wall Mounted Key Safe
This wall mounted key safe is a secure, affordable and weather resistant key safe suitable for use outside. it is quick...

(£22.49 ex VAT) Part no: MXVM844
Folding Step Stool with non slip feet and grippy dots
A simple to use folding step up stool that is safe and sturdy and is an ideal solution for helping you to reach higher...

(£10.83 ex VAT) Part no: 14L1455


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