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Handy Reacher 26”/660 mm
Handy Reachers are an affordable personal aid designed to help the user to easily reach and grab light items

(£3.96 ex VAT)
Lightweight Plastic Sheet Magnifier
the Sheet Magnifier is ideal for reading large areas of books

(£2.06 ex VAT)
Extended Length Plastic Shoehorn
a conventionally shaped Plastic Shoehorn with extended length for easier use.

(£1.65 ex VAT)
Multi Purpose Opener
The multi opener is a useful kitchen aid for those with limited dexterity; easily open jars, bottles, cans and tins.

(£9.08 ex VAT)
Plastic Multi Opener
The plastic multi opener is ideally suited for users with limited dexterity and is also a great kitchen tool for general...

(£2.28 ex VAT)
Automatic pill reminder with 3 storage compartments
An Automatic Pill Reminder is very useful for people who take pills at regular times

(£11.55 ex VAT)
Geemarc AmpliPOWER 40 amplified telephone
The Geemarc AmpliPOWER 40 is a very loud phone, with a volume boost button of +40dB

£56.87 £67.00
(£47.39 ex VAT)
Vibralite Mini vibrating watch with black & orange velcro strap
12-alarm small-size vibrating watch with black & orange velcro strap

(£34.98 ex VAT)
Illuminated Helping Hands with 90 mm Magnifier Lens, Soldering Iron Rest, 2 Articulated Arms and 2 LED lights
Helping hands tool with 90 mm magnifier lens (2 x magnification), LED lights & weighted cast iron base for stability and...

(£7.68 ex VAT)
Illuminated desk mounting 120mm magnifying glass x3 mag
120mm (4.75") desk mounting magnifying glass with x 3 magnification and outer 22watt 230v ac circular neon tube.

£49.25 £51.84
(£41.04 ex VAT)
Aico Ei RadioLINK fire alarm bundle with bed vibrator for a typical house
RadioLINK deaf alarm package with smoke alarms for living room, hall, landing and kitchen; strobe alarm panel and bed...

£563.46 £626.08
(£469.55 ex VAT)
Geemarc Easy-TV10 Large Button Remote
The Geemarc Easy-TV10 remote has 20 large programmable buttons which are both easy to see and press. Perfect for those...

(£8.33 ex VAT)
Aico Ei170RF Mains Deaf Alarm panel with strobe & vibrator
Aico Ei170RF Mains Deaf Alarm panel with strobe & vibrator

£166.40 £184.90
(£138.67 ex VAT)
Aico Ei408 switched input module for use with RadioLINK
Ei 168RC RadioLINK Interconnect base for Ei 140 & 160 series smoke alarms

£36.67 £40.75
(£30.56 ex VAT)
Standard ear model - 4 part
3 times life size. This model shows: the external auditory duct, the middle and internal ear, eardrum with anvil and ...

(£81.00 ex VAT)
Diseases of the Middle Ear Chart - Laminated
50 x 67cm laminated display poster showing the diseases of the middle ear

(£14.40 ex VAT)
Functional ear model
working model of the ear, showing how the tympanic membrane, ossicles, the complex internal ear with the cochlea and the...

(£508.50 ex VAT)
RadioLINK Heat Alarm. 10 Year Lithium Battery powered - Ei603TYRF
Ei603TYRF RadioLINK Heat Alarm. 10 Year Lithium Battery powered

£92.83 £103.14
(£77.36 ex VAT)
Doro PhoneEasy 100w cordless telephone
an attractive, simple to use cordless phone with a good range of standard features and a clear display. Good value for...

£35.99 £45.00
(£29.99 ex VAT)
Geemarc CL100 amplified telephone
The Geemarc CL100 is designed to help those with a high frequency hearing loss - it is very similar to the CL1100

£36.55 £44.99
(£30.46 ex VAT)


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